Pamper Yourself Party Package

The Pamper Yourself Party Package gives you everything you need to have a successful home party.

Having essential oil parties can be a fun way to make extra money while building clients and adding team members to your business.

This packet is intended to help you present a professional party that is not only informational and fun but will also produce results.

This packet gives you scripts, recipes, checklists, ideas and more for presenting a fun and informational class on essential oils. The class includes time for relaxation and actually experiencing the oils.

Be prepared to have a great time while educating others about the powerful benefits of essential oils!

Pamper Yourself 
Party Package

On Sale Now 
for $27.00

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Party Package Table of Contents

1 Introduction 
2 Copyright 
3 Disclaimer 
4 General Outline 
    Party Checklist 
    Sign In Sheet 
5 Scripts 
    Consultant Script (5 pages, listed below) 
        Welcome & Mini-Class 
        Application & Internal Use 
        Guided Meditation 
    Coupons (10 per page) 
6 Packets 
    Guest Info Packet (4 pages, listed below) 
        Essential Oil Information 
        Vita Flex Feet Chart 
        Body Systems & Essential Oils 
    Guest Order Packet (2 pages, listed below) 
        Product List 
        Order Form 
    Raffle Form (7 per page) 
7 Gifts 
    Recipes (5 pages) 
    Party Booking Form (8 per page) 
8 Host Purchasing 
    Incentives for the Host 
        Option A Incentives 
        Option B Incentives (2 pages) 
        Option C Incentives (3 pages) 
    Consultant Kits Info 
    Post Party Discussion Notes 
9 Host Guide Explanation 
    Host Guide (13 pages, listed below) 
        Introduction & Consultant Expectations 
        What is requested from the Host 
        General Party Outline 
        What the Host Receives 
        Party Checklist 
        Guest List 
        Outside Orders List 
        Order Form 
        Product List 
        Host Welcome Script & Have Fun! 
    Handouts (4 per page) 
10 Have Fun & Good Luck

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