What is a
Terra Cotta Diffuser?

A terra cotta diffuser is a piece of porous clay used as the means to disperse essential oil into the air.

One Drop

When a drop of essential oil is dripped onto the surface of the terra cotta, it is absorbed into the tiny pores of the clay.

The oil then slowly evaporates (diffuses) putting a delicious scent into the air.


One drop is usually all that is needed at a time and it will last a few days, as this small amount will saturate into the piece.

Once the terra cotta diffuser no longer gives off the desired scent, refresh the scent by adding another drop of oil to the surface of the clay.

For the strongest scent, and greatest therapeutic benefit, add one drop a day.

Changing the Terra Cotta Diffuser Scent

If you want to change the oil that is on the diffuser, wait until most of the original scent has evaporated away (usually 2 or 3 days).

Then apply the next one. Some scents blend nicely with each other so that applying a second oil on top of the first will work fine.


*It is best to restrict the oils to singles or blends without carrier oils.*

Carrier oils will not evaporate rapidly, may give the terra cotta an oily stained look, and may clog the pores of the clay.


When applying the essential oil to your terra cotta pendant, ornament, or other piece lay it down flat on a table and drip one drop onto the top (front) of the clay.

Make sure the oil is fully absorbed into the terra cotta prior to use.

As long as the oil is completely aborbed it will not stain clothing when worn.

Scents and Sensibility

The thing I like the best about these is that my favorite essential oil is always right with me. I don't have to search for it or even open up a bottle.

I just grab the diffuser pendant 
around my neck and inhale


I may be spoiled, but I like having different ones for different scents. Symbols, Pictures or words on terra cotta have different meanings to me. And I like to keep certain fragrances with certain pendants.

I also like having different ones in different rooms of the house. They can hang on doorknobs, light fixtures, bedposts, or anywhere. They can even be put on stuffed animals, lamps, or dangle in your car.

There are other types of terra cotta diffusers too. There are some amazingly beautiful pieces of jewelry. I especially like some of the bracelets I have found.

Christmas Time!

The terra cotta diffusers give you the fabulous advantage of making any tree smell fresh (and real). Just put on a drop or two of Pine, Spruce, or Fir.... and hang them on your tree!

They look great on the Christmas tree and make the whole room smell like Christmas.

Of course they'll add a little something special to the decorations around the room too.

Add a Christmas Spirit scented sachet in places around the house. Put peppermint in the kitchen!

Your whole house will be smelling deliciously festive!.

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