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We are The Oil Infusion Team and we are so happy another health-seeker has joined us on this fantastic journey! We are here to help you navigate as you Start Living with Young Living Essential Oils.

We provide product training for every single member of our team so everyone will know what to do with their essential oils. We offer information on sharing Young Living to our distributors and Team Leaders. And, we deliver business training for our committed Team Leaders.

Infusion: "Continuous introduction of something that alters for the better." This immersion in essential oil education creates a new you. A vibrant, healthy, happy, you!

The Oil Infusion Team Motto

We strive to help others INFUSE their lives with
Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.

Wellness: Infuse your Life with Good Health!
Purpose: Infuse your Life with Meaning!
Abundance: Infuse your Life with Plenty!

Training & Information

We provide training and information in the form of Videos, Audios, Graphics, PDF's, Links, etc and cover essential oil usage, product information, essential rewards, presenting to others, building a team, the compensation plan, etc.

PRODUCT USERS: We want you to enjoy your Young Living Products as much as we do and know how to properly use them to receive the most you can from these amazing products!

DISTRIBUTORS: We want you to know what to say and do if you want to share Young Living with others so they, too, can receive the many benefits of using the products.

TEAM LEADERS: We want you to be able to gain the skills you need so you can create a successful and fulfilling career through blessing the lives of other people with Young Living.

Product Training - For ALL Young Living MEMBERS

  • Learn About Essential Oils and Essential Oil Enhanced Products.
  • Learn How to Use Your Young Living Products.
  • Learn the tricks to get the best deals and the most free products each month!

Sharing Training - For ALL DISTRIBUTORS

  • Learn How to Share Young Living with Others.
  • Learn tips to get some totally awesome bonuses!

Business Training - For TEAM LEADERS

  • Learn how to properly build your own Team.
  • Gain Insights into the Mindset of a Leader.
  • Learn How to Maximize Your Paycheck!

Have fun and really enjoy infusing your life with oils!

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If you are not a member of The Oil Infusion Team you may join us by becoming a member of Young Living here.

[If you are already a member of Young Living (but not part of our team) and are seeking product or business training, please email us here to discover how you can get your own training.]

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