The Essential Rewards Program

Young Living has an optional frequent buyers club called the Essential Rewards (ER) program which is available to wholesale members. It has so many benefits!

Members must order at least 50 PV through the link on the website (instead of through quick order) each month to remain a member of the program. (Please note it is 100 PV to receive a paycheck.)

Major Reasons to say YES to the Essential Rewards Program!

  • Earn ER points (or credits) to get FREE Products! (see below)
  • Earn More Free Products just for buying at specific levels: 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV. (see below)
  • Reduced Shipping Costs (Yay!)
  • Access to Exclusive Essential-Rewards-Only Promotions and freebies!
  • Essential Rewards Orders have priority when the product inventories are running low.
  • You can easily change the products you want to purchase every single month.
  • You change your ship date each month or even skip a month once a year and still be in the program!
  • You can cancel any time - just remember to use your points first.

The Points you Earn!

When you purchase through the ER Program you get points which are put into an account as credits for free products! The credits you earn in the program are based on how long you’ve been a member of the program. The credits can be redeemed for free products of your choice!

Your points will add up fast. If you only spend 100 PV per month, you would earn 150 PV your first year and 240 PV every year after that!

I’ve earned thousands of dollars of free products over the years. It’s an awesome program that can’t be beat!!

Extra Products You Get For FREE!

In addition to the product credits you earn, you can also get free products, just for purchasing at one of the three levels!

190 PV = Free Products valued up to $50.

250 PV = Free Products valued up to $100.

300 PV = Free Products valued up to $150.

Video explaining ER

What would I buy?

There are so many amazing Young Living products in addition to the essential oils and diffusers. And so many of them can replace items that you already use - and they are sooooo much better.

By replacing the things you already use, you are getting things you would have bought anyway... and now you get a bunch of freebies!

Some of the replacement items include:

  • Cleaning Products
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Antioxidant & Energy Drinks
  • Bath and Shower Items
  • Beauty Products
  • Kids Care Line
  • Pet Care Products

PV Assistant

The PV Assistant tab on the website walks you through the steps to ensure the right amount of PV is ordered each month. You make a list of items that you would like to get. Then, if your cart drops below your desired PV –such as if something is out of stock- then the PV Assistant will put items into your cart until the PV is reached.  I totally love this!

Bottom Line

Young Living members who are going to be purchasing every month simply MUST be using the program to maximize their benefits and earn so much free stuff! It's a worthwhile program that I highly recommend!

If you still need to join Young Living, go here. You can become a member of the Essential Rewards program during enrollment or wait until later.

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