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My Journey with Cannabis

In 1999, when I was 20 years old, I used marijuana for the first time to combat a migraine headache and was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked. I became a regular user of weed and a supporter of legalization, especially for medical use.    

During pregnancy and breastfeeding of my four children I chose to abstain so I went quite a while without using. I found that my stress levels and anxiety were off the charts. I suffered from rage episodes and depression related to my PTSD and stressful life situation. I found other alternative methods – like essential oils and meditation – to help me cope with the rigors of life.

After weaning my 4th child in January 2016, I became a regular user again. I found that it helped me to relax and handle the stresses of motherhood much better. I feel that moms are an underserved, under represented, and underestimated demographic when it comes to weed.

There is an unwarranted stigma around moms using marijuana… though no one bats an eye at a glass or two of wine or a Xanax. I am a strong believer that cannabis can help a lot of people, including our stressed-out, over-worked, and underappreciated mothers.

Illinois has been a medical state since 2013 and in January 2020 it will be a recreational state. Absolute music to my ears. I’ve been waiting 20 years for this!

I love educating others and sharing the joy of the Green Goddess! My friends know that if they need to relax they can come to my house and I’ll happily share my ganja. I have a 420 party each year to celebrate this fantastic plant!

I am partial to flower, though I do like to make edibles – I have pot brownies in my freezer and candy in my nightstand. I have found that Blueberry has been the best strain for combating my migraines. I’m a fan of CBD oil, as it has helped so many people. My father and grandmother have both had positive experiences with it and I am excited to see it grow in popularity.

I use a variety of cannabis strains for various things. Obviously, sativa strains for motivation in the mornings and indica strains for relaxing at night. But I also use da chronic to inspire myself, to enhance sexual pleasure (Oh baby!), and to have even more fun at parties.

I’m a busy mother – with two in grade school and two in junior high – and “even though” I smoke a little reefer, I have my shit together. In fact, I feel Mary Jane has helped me cope and stay sane.

I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration and have experience being an office manager so I know how to handle deadlines and work well under pressure.

I am certified in Aquaponics, have managed a hydroponic tomato greenhouse, and lovingly care for my own enormous square foot garden, where I plan to grow my own dank buds soon! 

I am practically obsessed with the glorious cannabis plant and absolutely love educating others about it. I can review the hell out of anything you can throw at me… flower, wax, bongs, CBD, gummies, whips J, vape oil, edibles, pipes… If you want an open-minded, educated, detailed, and honest review from a passionate and committed lady, I’m the one.